Monday, July 3, 2017

Sweet Spot! Getting Paid to Do What You Love.

 I so love what we do, teaching project management and helping professionals earned their PMP credential. I love being a small part of others’ success both individually and professionally. I do. I love knowing project management training is the best training anyone or any company will implement ever.  Below is one success story told well.  Humbled, grateful and having a blast, Kathy
"I was very confident after leaving your class that I would pass the test. Though when I left the parking lot Thursday afternoon, I saw a sign that said "Validate Parking".   And I thought, "What??! You don't validate parking! You validate SCOPE!"   
On Saturday afternoon, I decided to do the first 50 questions of a final exam. I got 33 right. 33 Out of 50. At that point, I turned to my imaginary question #51.

"You're a project manager taking the PMP in two days, your company is counting on you to pass in order to win a huge proposal, and you just badly failed a practice exam. To reiterate, you're taking the exam in less than 36 hours. The FIRST thing you should do is:
        A. Cry
        B. Find a tall building
        C. Take a deep breath, study some more, and try another exam tomorrow
        D. Initiate a Change Request"
I never seriously considered B, but A was incredibly tempting. At that moment I didn't feel very smart. After going back to the drawing board and reviewing some of the earlier sections, I took the next 100 questions on Sunday morning (...(after I had already) announced to my entire family, "OH MY GOSH I’m gonna fail this test!"), and got 87 out of 100. So at that point I was feeling much more confident, though not anxious to do any more practice questions and risk my score dropping further along with my spirits.
I drove up to the exam site Sunday afternoon and along the way found a radio station playing all of this 80s pump up music. Eye of the Tiger came on as I pulled up to the hotel. So I took that as a good sign. 
On Monday morning, within 15 questions, I realized I was going to pass. Being smart did help. But what helped most of all was your class. You teach it so well, and with so much well directed energy. 
It's clear within the first few minutes of the first day how invested you are in our success, and not for your own selfish reasons, but because you want to see us achieve. 
I probably would have been able to squeak out a PASS with a different instructor, but the Proficients were purely a product of how well you taught me. 

It was also just great experience to meet you and hear about your career and life. I told my boss today (the one with the thick Boston accent), that he would have called you "Pissah". And in case you don't know the dialect, that's a huge compliment.

So thanks again. Take care. Hope we cross paths again." 

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